View Full Version : Two more bugs

07-18-2002, 05:56 PM
Bug 1.) Shuffle Players feature locks up at 10% every time and calls up the Windows XP Error report. I believe this has been mentioned here on the forum but I'm not sure.

Bug 2.) I have three seasons started and saved. I saved one season after a fantasy draft and completed the simulation of the season. I closed the program and started it up again and started another new season without the draft. I simulated through and saved and closed. I then started again and loaded my fantasy draft season. When I clicked on a game from that season schedule and read the play by play report all of the players in the play by play where from the original NFL rosters - not my fantasy rosters. The score by quarters and game stats are fine but the play by play dialogue is of the game from the last season played. The teams were Detroit and Arizona.

All in all I have completed eight seasons in three leagues and have encounter minor bugs. Only the shuffle players feature has caused a crash to the desktop.

It appears the video refresh or clearing of screens is not working as well as it should. A cls type refresh after certain events like a trade - would be nice. A return to a office screen would be a nice touch after the draft or trades, signing etc...