View Full Version : My initial bug findings. Only 1-2 stars.

07-18-2002, 03:42 PM
Click on a team, click on a player, and his TEAM designation in his stats area are of the last team I had looked at. NYJ was the players team designation on Oakland stat lines - and it never cleared NYJ for any of the teams and players I browsed.

In concessions - teams are not in the list box, empty.

Post trading block trade - successful; however, old windows didn't go away - no screen refresh. I had to manually close the old windows.

Simulated game stats from game screen Jerry Rice 8 receptions 139 yards - didn't jive with team starters page - player card Rice 10 receptions 154 yards.

May not be a bug C. Martin RB for the NY Jets has a Durability rating of 102. Many players with ratings from 101 -107 at seasons end. Stat leaders mostly. This may be intended.

Rosters are in need of updating - John Elway on Denver, Kaufman on Raiders etc.... But you know this already.

Texans Receiver Pavlov was listed in leaders for rushing average when I clicked on him to look at his stats it listed only his career totals. In fact all of the Texans receivers list only career totals.

Jets and Giants helmets are reversed.

A traditional boxscore would be nice.

Team schedule (calender) screen - if team loses it should be listed 13-16 L, not 16-13 L. In traditional team schedules.

If I'm a GM of a team and it would be nice if my team was the default team when I go to a screen. Roster, concessions, trade etc... My team is not always the team highlighted.

College Draft prospects Kickers FG% are wrong because FGA/FGM are backward. Also, College players have season stats for 16-20 games? Most college players play 11-12 games.

All my screens and video are fine - I'm running Windows XP without any problems.

Not one serious crash. Game stability seems very good - I haven't had a lock up or a kick to desktop.

Houston Texans rookie receivers have their college statistics listed as their career history. All rookies show their college statistics foe their career. I assume this is supoosed to happen.

I have finished two seasons - Statistical accuracy is solid - runningbacks do have high reception averages.