View Full Version : Use Stars to Indicate Severity

07-17-2002, 10:03 PM
Hello, Beta Testers -

When you post a new bug, please give the bug a severity rating when you are done.

We will use the "Rate this Thread" option to do this.

After you have posted your thread, you are taken to the post you have just made. Then go to the bottom-right, and there is a "rate this thread" option.

For severe bugs, like major crashes, or other things that are absolute show-stoppers, rate the bug a 5-star severity. For minor bugs, like an incorrect entry in the player's historic stats, rate the bug a 1-star.

Use 2-4 stars for things in between.

We will use these ratings to help us figure out which bugs to fix first.

Once again:

5-Stars = Major Bug
4-Stars = Big Bug
3 Stars = Medium Bug
2 Stars = Little Bug
1 Star = Insignificant Bug (But a bug nevertheless)

Thank you!
-James Grove

P.S. If you think a bug has been rated incorrectly, or if a bug has no rating at all, don't be afraid to add your vote and help correct the rating.