View Full Version : Guys, news from Clay

07-17-2002, 01:01 AM
Just got an email from Clay. In it he writes:

I've been out sick, and busy fixing some baseball bugs for a few days, and just simply amassing all the 100 or so e-mail addresses of folks who volunteered to beta test. Should have a new Football Mogul version up this week.

Until then, I'd like to open discussion on some reported display problems. About 3 people have said they can't see the Standings screen, or most other screens for that matter. Info on what percentage are experiencing this (might want to try a poll) and what OS or video cards or screen resoultion they are working with would be helpful. Also any info on what FIXES the issue, such as dragging the window off the screen and back on, or clicking to a different screen using the menu...



Just thought you guys would like to know. Will start a poll about the Video Problems in another thread.