View Full Version : Miscellaneous bugs

07-09-2002, 04:22 PM
- No bounds checking on next player/last player causes scrolling display, and crash: this was reported before. I'm pretty sure this happens while looking at the players in the draft.

- A QB was listed on the leader board as having a 128.8% completion percentage. Sure enough, looking at his player screen, he had 519 completions on 403 attempts. (This was after 12 games or so.) I checked the WRs and TEs and they had 196 receptions. The RBs also had only a handful, like 12 or so.

- Concessions screen has a blank drop-down box in the upper left.

- Display for "Biakabutuka, Tshimanga" (Jacksonville) in text box was thrown off by length; age listed in "years" column, etc... player name also ran over into team name in scouting screen.