View Full Version : Impressions of Football Mogul 2003

07-03-2002, 11:24 PM
Football Mogul 2k3 is off to a decent start, and now that I have had 2 days to play with it, I would like to give you my impressions of the game, both good and bad.

The things I like about this game are the fact that it has a very easy to figure out interface. Everything is pretty straight forward and easy to understand. Also, it seems pretty simple in creating a database for players, which I do like, as I can update rosters myself. Also, I like the idea of running a football team as a general manager. The concept is very enjoyable, and love to play the game this way, knowing I acquired the players to put my team over the top.

Ok, we all know now about the database errors, as the Texans were not added to the database yet, and that threw the database out of whack. 1st thing that I would say needs work is the error pointed out earlier where the stats jumped from 2001 to 2003. Also, I feel that we need a more in depth stats page under the news. Another item under the news catagory we need to have is a list of transactions made. Unless I am missing something, right now one would have to manually check each team week to week to find out about player movements between teams.
Another thing that I would say is that for a game of this nature, I believe that we should be able to better configure our rosters according to the style of offense and defense run. For example, the Pittsburgh Steelers run very power oriented runs, and a back such as Barry Sanders would not fit in to the system as well as Jerome Bettis does. I know that this would probably be tough to implement in this years version, but I am just trying to tell you what I feel it takes to make a successful football game. Give us an option to take players which fit our coaches system, or give us the option to hire and fire coaches who adapt a style of offense or defense which fits our players on the roster.
To that extent, I also have to agree with another person (I believe it was Stan) who posted that players rarely are traded player for player in the NFL. I agree. Most often, players are traded for draft picks or cash, and then they are most typically traded on draft day. The trade function needs major work, and would hope it will be implemented in this years release or if not, then one of the patches thereafter. If it is not implemented, I have a feeling that this game will really suffer, and I do not want that to happen.
Another item, I would love to see is a weather system for Football Mogul 2k3. For example, if it is windy, or raining or snowing, teams tend to have to run more than pass. Certain teams do not have a powerfull running game, and their passing game would suffer. This would also lend realism to the game.
Also, during the offseason for free agency, we need to have Franchise Players, Restricted Free Agents, etc. THIS is badly needed, and also if not included the game will suffer.

Anyhow, Clay, just wanted you to know how I felt. I like the game, and feel that it has promise, but it needs a lot of work in my opinion, and if we work on this, we can make a successful game, but if not, then my feeling is the game will suffer. I'm not trying to be a pain, but I want this game to succeed, and will do anything to help it out, and sometimes that forces one to be a bit blunt.
Jay Conley