View Full Version : Bug Report Format

Clay Dreslough
06-14-2002, 04:30 PM
Please post bug reports for the Football Mogul 2003 Beta Test in this forum.

Please include:

1) What actions you followed to cause the bug to appear (e.g. which menu items or buttons you clicked and what actions you took).

2) Ability to reproduce the bug (does it happen every time you follow the above steps, or only occasionally?)

3) Your operating system, screen resolution and any other relevant details you think may be appropriate.

(For the more esoteric bugs, you may wish to follow some more detailed rules for writing bug reports (http://www.rexblackconsulting.com/publications/Fine%20Art%20of%20Writing%20a%20Good%20Bug%20Report%20(Paper).pdf) that will help me find, understand and fix the problem).