View Full Version : Welcome to the Football Mogul Bug Reports Forum

Clay Dreslough
07-23-2007, 06:52 PM
First, it would be useful if you could help prioritize the reports posted here. If you think a bug report deserves maximum priority, use the 'Rate This Thread' function to assign it 5 stars. If you feel it is a very minor issue, please give it only 1 star.

Second, please check to see if a bug is already reported. If so, add a comment to that thread instead of starting a new thread. By default, this forum only shows threads that are active within the last 30 days. To show more threads, find the dropdown box that says 'Show Threads' in the lower left of the page and change it from 'Last Month' to 'Last Year'.

Finally, I should note that our only definite plan for Football Mogul is to fix the bugs in Football Mogul 2007. What the timing will be of any new versions or new features are totally dependent on when we are able to fix the problems reported here.

Thanks for your help!