View Full Version : College drafts

KC Fan in IN
05-30-2002, 08:21 AM
I find that I dont always want to draft the players that are in the draft in the later rounds...has anyone seemed to run across this?

I am still learning the FBM mode of playing..I tend to have too many draft picks ...sitting around and not making a lot of trades during the season.

I made it to the Super Bowl in my third year with the Indianapolis Colts..(HAH! Take that, Bill Polian! At least I can get to the BIG SHOW! :D )

But I am finding it like reality..hard to keep what you have and continue to keep the dynasty in Indy.. Does the small markets like Indy, Cincy, (would GB be considered small with THAT fan base of fanatics? LOL)

Just some ideas thrown out..Any tips would be MOST appreciated....Thanks!