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05-23-2006, 06:44 AM
Why take the time to file a good bug report? Because:
it will save developers time (this time can be used fixing a bug rather than trying to decipher a bug report)
it will increase the likelihood the bug is fixed

How to file a good bug report

Use a descriptive thread title - Clay's post (http://forum.sportsmogul.com/showpost.php?p=542005&postcount=1)

I would recommend a standardized thread title format

BUG: [version number(s)] short but informative description for bugs
TECH: [version number(s)] short but informative description for technical issues

Clay posted this about titles:

use a title like "Pitch count too high in Manager Mode" or "Transaction Log corrupted by team name changes", then I will read the post and try to fix it as soon as I can

Include vital information

Operating System (especially if not WinXP)
Changes made to files/settings
Clay recommends these be added to ALL bug reports:

1) Does it occur during Simulation, General Manager Mode, Manager Mode, Player Mode -- or all 4?
2) If it occurs in Play-By-Play, does it happen for human-controlled teams, computer-controlled teams, or both.
List actions that cause the error to occur
The contents of the debug.txt file (for errors that freeze the game or cause the game to crash)
Attach the .mog file (for bugs that seem to be related to the saved file)
Attach pictures of bug when possible
Provide as much relevant information as possible

Only one bug per report (file them seperately, they have to be addressed seperately)
Be clear (both so everyone can understand and so less time is needed to identify the bug)
Don't rant (there is a forum just for that, this is not it)

I'll probably ignore a thread like "This game is terrible"
Look for previous reports that match your bug and post in those rather than create a new one
Look for follow-ups but be patient, priority is set by those that fix the bugs

You may be asked to post a file
You may be asked to clarify a point
You may be asked for more information
Someone may provide a 'work around'
A fix may already exist

This post (http://forum.sportsmogul.com/showpost.php?p=537882&postcount=42) may be helpful as well.

Hopefully this is helpful. I will edit it if anyone has better or additional ideas.

[Clay edit] Final note: I'm using this forum as a "task list". For example, I will edit thread titles to add something like "[Fixed 9.26]" when I fix a bug in the code, even if I haven't tested it yet. I will make this edit BEFORE I have posted Version 9.26 -- so this may be a bit confusing. Before you ask where 9.26 is, realize that I'm basically just "writing myself a note", and the next patch will get posted reasonably soon.

If you find a bug that I've already marked as fixed, please start a NEW thread with a title like "Team names scrambled in Transactions: Not fixed in 9.26".

06-01-2006, 08:45 PM
How to post your Boxscore or Game Recap

Accessing the Boxscore or Game Recap
Both your Boxscore and Game Recap (often called play-by-play) can be accessed 3 ways:

From the play-by-play screen
Just above the lineups, near the upper left corner, there are 2 buttons.

Clicking on the 'Box Score' button with bring up the Boxscore
Clicking on the 'Recap' button will bring up the Game Recap (play-by-play)

From the Calendar
Put the mouse cursor over the calendar day and

Left-click to bring up Boxscore
Right-click to bring up Game Recap (play-by-play)

Directly from the file
Intentionally left out at this point

The Boxscore or Game Recap will be opened using your system's designated text editor.

Copy and Paste into your Post

Copy entire text of open file to your clipboard

Highlight text using mouse or keyboard
Copy highlighted text to clipboard by

Hitting CTRL-C; or
Choosing Copy command from text editor's menu; or
Right-clicking on highlighted text and choosing Copy from menu that comes up

Paste it to your post

Putting the text cursor where you want to paste it
Giving paste command

Hitting CTRL-V; or
Choosing Paste command from browser's menu; or
Right-clicking where cursor is and choosing Paste from menu that comes up

Enclose it in CODE commands to make it easier to read (can be done before or after pasting)
Not needed for Game Recap unless you are pasting all or most of it, but makes Boxscore readable

Before Pasting; or

Hit the # button on the message editor's menu buttons and then placing the text cursor between the
and and then pasting; or
simply typing
and then putting the text cursor between the
and and then pasting

After Pasting

Highlight the pasted text and hit the # button on the message editor's menu buttons ; or
simply typing
before the pasted text after it

How to Post an Attachment
Note: Here is a post on How To Make A Screen Shot

You need to hit the 'New Thread' button or 'Post Reply' button (if you use Quick Reply method, you need to hit the 'Go Advanced' button) to begin creating/editing a post.
Under 'Additional Options', there is an 'Attach Files' box with a 'Manage Attachments' button. Click on that button.4339
A pop-up window titled 'Manage Attachments' will appear. The file you wish to attach must be of one of the file types listed under Attachment Key.

In the 'Upload File from your Computer' box, hit the 'Browse...' button and find the file you wish to upload. 4340

The file will usually be in Program Files/Sports Mogul/Baseball 2007 or one of its subfolders.

Valid extensions are: bmp doc gif jpe jpeg jpg mog pdf png psd txt zip
The saved game files have a mog extension.
For screenshots: jpg or jpeg files are prefered over bmp or gif files as they are usually smaller.

Click on file, then click the 'Open' button
The file should now be listed in the box to the left of the 'Browse...' button. Click the 'Upload' button to upload the file as an attachment.
A new box should appear titled 'Current Attachments' and inside should be listed the file(s) you have attached.
Repeat until all files you wish to attach are attached.

If you wish to actually show any picture file you have uploaded in your post

Place the text cursor where you wish to place the picture
Press the button that looks like a paper clip above your editing space4343
Select the uploaded file you wish to place there
Board should place code that looks like Upload ID Number where the text cursor is.

Clay Dreslough
06-06-2006, 01:57 PM

Thanks very much for posting this. It's a great guide to posting good bug reports.

I'm also going to use this space to clarify what all the 'Fixed' comments mean. As I have a fixed a bug I will often edit the bug title to add something like [Fixed 9.32].

1) 9.32 is the version number. It may refer to a patch that hasn't been released yet. In this case, it means the bug should be fixed in the next patch.

2) If you are running the version number show (or higher) and you still see the bug, please start a new thread and describe the bug again (the more detail the better as it's possible that the bug is fixed except for in a few situations).

You can get the most recent official patch by choosing 'Check For New Version...' from the Help Menu inside Baseball Mogul.

You can get the most recent unofficial patch by checking the top of the Bugs and Technical Issues forum (where there should be a stickied post with the words 'Unofficial Patch').


10-21-2006, 06:20 AM
This forum is intended to be a place to discuss problems that occur with the game.

This is a technical forum, not a general discussion forum. In order for Clay and Ian to see and respond to bug reports in a timely manner, it is important to keep the "noise" in this forum down. Please do not post new threads that are not about a Bug in this forum. Please also keep discussions as specific as possible to the original post as you can.

Threads that are not about bug reports will be moved to a different forum by the moderators!

Thread topics are important in this forum. Please state in the topic the exact version of Baseball Mogul that you are reporting a bug about. Please also be as descriptive as possible about the bug in your thread title.

Thread titles can and will be modified by moderators for appropriate format and content as required!

The Official Windows 98/ME Thread (http://forum.sportsmogul.com/showthread.php?t=104558) is the place to post about problems with Windows 98/ME. Threads started regarding issues with Windows 98/ME will be merged with the official Windows 98/Me thread.

As with all other forums on this message board, spam or inappropriate posts will be deleted and the poster delt with.

12-20-2006, 01:29 PM
This is a direct copy of the thread from the Baseball Mogul: Bug reports forum. 99.9% of the information here is still applicable to Football Mogul though, so please follow the advise given.