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03-24-2002, 04:26 AM
I'm currently bidding on a Football Mogul and Baseball Mogul CD game.

Assuming I win the auction, I have a couple questions about the Football Mogul.

1. How many versions are there? I'm thinking there is only one out, but I could be wrong (I know 2K3 is coming out later this year).

2. How similar is the financials to Baseball Mogul.

3. Where can I get reviews of this game? Links? You guys can tell me what you like about the game too.

Thanks. I'm pretty new to sim games on the PC. I've played hours on Madden doing the franchise and having fun. Can't wait for FM. Thanks for your help.

03-24-2002, 10:01 AM
There has been only one version, Football Mogul. It was published along with Baseball Mogul '99.

The financials are very similar to the baseball game. In fact, most of the game screens look very similar to the baseball game, as that's what they were based off of. You have the same financial categories, like Attendance, Revenue, Profit, Payroll, Cash, etc.

You manage your offense, defense, and special teams. Find players in free agency, through trades, or the college draft every year. Try to stay under the salary cap. You set expenses, broadcast rights, ticket prices, and concessions.

There are different screens for Finances, Standings, Leaders, Calendar, Playoffs, and even a very nice play-by-play.

By the way, FBM is in stock at Chips and Bits for $14.95. http://www.cdmag.com/cgi-bin/order.cbi_home?source=83694&add=FOOTM.IR

Here are a few reviews:



03-26-2002, 06:04 PM
Thanks for the links. They helped.

I got outbid, but found a place that sold it for $4. It obviously was on sale, but I could pass that up.

The game sounds good.

One more thing, are there patches for the game like the baseball version? Where can I find them?